Author website is about…

This website is a place to connect.  A place for you to learn more about my books and as me as a person.  A place for me to interact with readers.  A fun community of like-minded people, where no one is ever harassed, embarrassed, or criticized for being unique.  A place where you can be you and I me without judgments or fear of reprisal.  A place you and I can look forward to coming to because we know it’s a friendly atmosphere.

My Murder Blog is a place to share writing tips, stories, great advice that I’ve picked up along the way, anything and everything that makes up interesting and/or valuable content.

I am always interested in hearing what you have to say, so don’t be shy about leaving a comment.

I’m a crime writer, which is why I chose the site name, Murder Blog.

I combine funny and/or cute images to reinforce my point, or to make another point.

Like this one… notmyglasses  Oh, come on!  You cracked a smile.  I know you did.

If I can help someone avoid mistakes that I’ve made… all of my efforts were worth it.

In a perfect world, a discussion would open up among all of my followers and we could talk about our fears, our successes, and/or our failures without judgement.  That takes time, but I’m willing to wait.

My motto:  BELIEVE in Yourself.  Your DESTINY is waiting!

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