My Guests

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Larry BrooksInterview with Bestselling Author Larry Brooks!

Margot Kinberg Untrue Crime

Nicholas RossisThe Ups And Downs of Indie Life 

Lee Lofland (a republish) – Cop Talk: Crime Writers’ Dictionary A-E

Cop Talk: Crime Writers’ Dictionary F-I

Cop Talk: Crime Writers’ Dictionary J-M

Interview With A Real Undercover Operative, part I, part II, part III

James Scott Bell (a republish) – Dialogue Attributions

Garry RodgersMr. Big – A Unique Undercover Technique In Homicide Investigations

Garry RodgersHow To Get Away With Murder

John YeomanHow to Romance Your Readers – And Sell More Books

Caleb PirtleA Special Guest Who Interviewed James Patterson

Leslie Budewitz – I Swear To Tell The Whole Truth – Raising Your Hand On The Witness Stand

Joe Clifford Interview With Award Winning Crime Writer Joe Clifford

Bestselling Author Eliza Cross turns the tables – My first interview – Interview With Crime Writer Sue Coletta

Arthur Kerns (a republish from Prose & Cons) – A Stranger Reads My Book (short story)

Shawny Daniels (my fictional character) – Interview With Cat Burglar Shawny Daniels From Timber Point


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