About me…

I love all things crime.  Give me a menacing serial killer, a grisly murder, or a complex mystery and I’m hooked. I’ve always been fascinated by how the criminal mind works. Which is why I write crime novels.

Author of MARRED, slated for release November 11, 2015, rep’d by Tirgearr Publishing. If you subscribe to my (non-existent, for now) newsletter, you’ll receive a FREE copy of 50 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters and will be the first to know when it’s available for pre-order…tentatively set for September 11, 2015.

In the past I’ve written children’s books–a dozen or more–for friends’ children to enjoy, not for publication. Now that I have granddaughters of my own I may have to resurrect one or two. Yup, you read that right. I have grandchildren, even at my tender age of–

I write full-time and start each morning relaxing with a good book. When asked, I am always happy to help other writers, if time permits. After all, I truly believe when one of us succeeds we all do. The writing community is a rare, wonderful, supportive group, and I consider myself blessed to walk among them.

A little background…

During my lifetime I’ve walked with criminals, crooks, notorious biker gangs, lawyers, cops, upstanding citizens, and came way too close to death more than once–all of which help me create believable well-rounded characters for my books.


Animals should be loved, cared for, admired and cherished. They are family, and should be treated as such. Mistreatment of any kind should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Nuff said.


I am a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters In Crime. MARRED, a psychological thriller, is repped by Tirgearr Publishing, slated for release 11/11/15, with a pre-order date of 9/11/15. Watch for the pre-release sale!

In addition to this blog I’m also co-administrator and contributor to an authors’ blog, Prose & Cons, and you can visit us here: http://www.auniqueandportablemagic.blogspot.com. When time permits I also contribute to two other blogs, which you can find in the sidebar.

I’ve been happily married to a wonderful man for nearly twenty years.



Random thoughts…

There’s no better feeling than being sucked into a good book, transported to a different time and/or place and meeting new friends you can root for. I love when characters come to life on the page and when a book leaves you wanting more. If an author can make us miss their characters long after we finish reading…they’ve done their job well.


My motto

I believe in learning at least one new thing each day.  There are many ways to learn. By reading blogs/websites, online classes, conferences, groups, and speaking with strangers on the street, especially the elderly.  Elderly folks have wonderful, sometimes tragic, stories to tell.  Most times they just want someone to listen.  Lend an ear, you’ll make their day.

I also gain knowledge from searching the internet for specific questions.  Please be careful if you choose this route; there’s an equally amount of terrible advice out there. In my Crime Writer’s Resource, which you can find by clicking the title or looking in the menu bar — for all genres now — I have solid places where you’ll find outstanding advice from bestselling authors, crime experts, writers who specialize in craft, etc. Writers’ groups are another great resource.  I belong to many of them and wouldn’t trade them for the world.  My critique partner often challenges and surprises me with new techniques. And I couldn’t do my job if it weren’t for my police/coroner consultant. Mystery Writers of America and Sisters In Crime offer many resources to improve your craft. Their newsletters alone are extremely informative.  To become a member click the logo on my main page. Mystery Writers of America welcomes everyone. Sisters In Crime, however… if you’re a man find your own group. It’s called “Sisters” in Crime for a reason. LOL

Humans are fascinating creatures, all with separate views and beliefs.  I believe if we take the time to listen we will always end up stronger for it.

I post at least once or twice a week. If you’re interested in guest posting shoot me an email: suecoletta@crimewriterblog.com, or fill out the contact form on the home page.

If you have a post idea, or are looking for something specific, let me know. I just might be able to help. If I can’t, I will direct you to someone who can.

We all need a laugh sometimes. So here’s one for the road…



Let’s connect.

You can find me in many places on the net. Twitter, Facebook, About.me, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Goodreads, LinkedIn and Google+. Most of these you can find through the blog.

Feel free to browse the site and tell me what you think. Otherwise it feels like I’m talking to myself.

Have a great day, and God bless.

— Sue




8 thoughts on “About me…

  1. My name is Haitham painter of children’s stories and cartoonist and graphic designer newbie

    Search for jobs in the field of children’s stories and drawing the cover of the book, because I have no money with me poor

    I need any work, because I am a very poor

    I live in Egypt
    Possible help to me and I am looking for work in the field of children’s stories drawing


    • I would help you if I could. However, I am not a children’s author. I wrote children’s books years ago. Now I concentrate on crime novels.

      I wish you good luck in your endeavors.


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