Crime Writer’s Resource

I’ve compiled links on the sidebar in the blog that contain everything a crime writer needs to make their stories factually correct. For your convenience I’ve also listed them here, along with in-depth craft resources… and more. Many contain information for all writers– fiction or non-fiction– regardless of genre.

firearm bullets

Crime Writer’s Resource

Homicide Detective Checklist:…

Crime Scene Forensics:…

The Writers’ Forensic Blog:

FBI Information on Serial Killers:…

Forensic Outreach:

A Simplified Guide To Forensic Documentation:

FBI Forensic Ink Analysis:

Glass Fracture Patterns:

Howdunnit Forensics and Forensics Books:

Analyzing Ballistic Evidence:

Experts in the field willing to answer questions for crime writers, who are bestselling crime writers themselves.

Garry Rodgers, veteran mounted police/homicide detective/coroner/firearms expert:

Lee Lofland, veteran officer/homicide detective/K9 handler/sniper:

Criminal Justice Writers:…

Crime Writers Detective – Adam (no last name – works w/Major Crimes Div.)
Did you know the FBI will help you craft believable characters, answer questions, basically assist you with anything you need? They certainly will.

And here’s the link:
Writer’s Knowledge Base — A search engine for writers, links compiled by Elizabeth Spann Craig. You might have seen her Twitterific Links on Fridays. This is where those links are stored. For writers of any genre, from writing tips to getting published to promoting your book, if you’ve got a question try here first:

New additions: excellent resources for writers of any genre– tips, tricks, techniques, in-depth look at the craft of storytelling, and more… (a blog dedicated to craft) (this resource is chalk-full of info.)

Have you always wanted to write a novel but don’t know where to start? Bridget at Now Novel is an excellence resource, for the beginner to the seasoned. She provides tips, motivation, shares experiences on how to turn your book into a movie, anything and everything is available on her site–even Oprah stamped her approval!

The only craft books you’ll ever need: Story Engineering and Story Physics by Larry Brooks, with links to buy. (Larry Brooks’ website/blog– a must for all writers) (Shawn Coyle’s website/blog– to delve deep into storytelling)

Larry Brooks’ ebookstore is now open, with craft books ranging from .99 – $2.99. To view go here:

More Resources…

Writers Helping Writers’ Resource

Fiona Quinn’s Thrill Writing – A wealth of info. for crime writers

And here’s an article written by yours truly entitled Brand Building on Social Media. (click title)

23 thoughts on “Crime Writer’s Resource

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  5. Hi Sue. I didn’t know about this resource until today. It’s so helpful. Thank you for putting this together. And it’s a real honor to see my blog included on your list. Thank you so much for the mention.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, my pleasure. I love your blog. Normally, I’m more involved with commenting and sharing, but lately ‘real life’ has gotten in the way. I’m hopeful that will change real soon. Write On, Sister! (too good to pass up.)


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    • You are more than welcome, Gippy. It’s my pleasure to share the treasures I’ve dug up along the way. I eat, sleep, and breathe crime. 🙂
      I add to this list periodically. If you’re looking for something and can’t find it let me know. I’d be glad to help any way I can.


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