8 Things To Expect When Someone Asks You To Guest Post

After a long work week we all can use a good laugh. Which is why I thought the weekend was the perfect time for my next guest to brighten our day.  www.blondewritemore.wordpress.com is my go-to site when I need a good laugh. As such I had to ask Lucy to add some humor to my blog, a site dedicated to crime. And she didn’t disappoint!

Take it away, Lucy!

glass case of emotion

8 Things to expect when someone asks you to be a guest blogger 

Being asked to do a guest post for another blogger can fill you with pride and put a twinkle in your eye. Someone out there likes you and wants you to write them a guest post. Cue the warm glow followed by a hop skip and a jump around your writing desk!

It’s a wonderful moment when you excitedly type back ‘I would love to be a guest blogger’ and then your suffering begins…

1. Your ideas will dry up immediately after you accept their request. Cue the worst period of blogger’s block that you have ever experienced.

2. You will agonize a lot over your guest blogger post. If you thought you fretted a lot about your own posts (i.e. are they any good? will anyone like them?) writing a guest blogger will take this to a whole new level. Suddenly you are faced with the daunting task of putting your work on to someone else’s blog. Cue the sweaty sleepless nights where you lie awake wondering whether your guest blogger post will send their loyal followers running for the hills.

3. You may consider booking a holiday with no access to Wi-Fi when the guest post goes live. Going to a remote spot in the world where you can’t be contacted will suddenly feel like a good idea. If you are uncontactable then the angry email from your blogger saying that your post was so bad that it made their blogging stats tool ‘flat line’ (it got no visitors, views, likes or comments) won’t reach you.

4. You may find yourself praying for a sudden bout of amnesia when your guest post goes live. Hopefully you will forget that you are a blogger for a while and by the time your memory returns your blogger will have forgotten all about your clanger of a guest post. Other bloggers will also have forgotten about your dire post so there will be no guest blogger shame for you to endure.

5. You will send your blogger an apology email in advance of them putting your guest blogger post live. In this email you will explain at long length your life’s personal struggles and how these have contributed towards you producing such blogging tripe. This email will be your ‘get out of jail free’ card when you notice that your guest post got 0 likes and 0 comments.

6. You will dread the day your guest post goes live. Expect similar feelings to taking an exam, going to the dentist and having an internal examination.

7. You will develop a nervous twitch the day your guest post goes live. If anyone mentions the word ‘blog’ in a conversation you will find yourself acting like someone has hooked you up to the electricity mains.

8. You will find yourself kissing the ground when you receive that golden email from your blogger to say that your guest post did ok. Cue feelings of joy, elation and hugs for any other human being standing near you. Your work is done!

This might explain why by the time I received the post I looked like this…

skeleton blogger I’m kidding, Lucy! You’re great.



She is blonde, some say she is funny, and she’s writing her first bestseller. Visit Lucy at: www.blondewritemore.wordpress.com and follow her on Twitter: @Blondewritemore

Let’s all show Lucy some love in the comments, and hopefully stop that annoying twitch. LOL And please hop on over to her site. She has many of these “lists” that will leave you in stitches.

Have any of these things happened to you?

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20 thoughts on “8 Things To Expect When Someone Asks You To Guest Post

  1. I’ve had a couple of people lately ask me for guest posts, but they didn’t give me a deadline…so now I’m procrastinating. It’s not that I don’t want to. I’m thrilled!!! But life is complicated right now :/

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaah…someone has finally put into words why I’ve never done a guest blog post. (Well, that and the fact that I’ve never been invited to do one, of course!) Very funny, and I not only enjoy reading it here, AND on The Write Stuff, but I’ve found a new blog to follow, too. Well done!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad. Lucy is hilarious. You’ll love her list posts. I’m shocked no one has asked you to guest post. I’ll have to have you on mine, Marcia. Then, you too can share Lucy’s pain. 🙂 Seriously, though, how about something along the lines of the info you gave me about 50 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters. That would fit nicely here. What do you say?

      Liked by 1 person

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