Where I’ve been… and why.

I don’t normally talk about my daily life. I guess I’m private that way. But I feel I need to clear some things up. I’ve been seriously lacking lately in reading your blog posts. I know this and I’m doing the best I can to rectify this. There is a good reason for it though. One of my dogs– Gideon, I’ve talked about him before– is gravely ill.




He’s been sick for a few weeks, but took a turn for the worse six days ago. Without going into detail, he requires massive amounts of my time while I attempt to keep him alive, with a quality life. At the same time my other dog, Cascius, is seething with jealously. So I try to give him extra attention. It’s both physically and emotionally draining.  lazylion

As such, everything else falls to the wayside. Family first. It’s a must.

I wish this wasn’t the case. I wish Gideon would magically bounce back, return to being healthy, running and playing. I wish I could leave him for a few hours to see my granddaughter, too. She’s growing so fast and we’re missing it. But the sad reality is I don’t know how much time he has left, could be days, could be weeks. When I do get a break I read to escape the horrors of my reality. Books are magical in that way. Don’t you agree?

Image from Dishin’ the Dirt with My Friends

Image from Dishin’ the Dirt with My Friends

So, I haven’t abandoned you. I always have and always will support you in any way I can. I just need a little time to deal with the ones I love. I think everyone can understand that.

I do have some exciting news, a surprise guest appearance by the author of six critically acclaimed thrillers, who’s also written two of the best craft books I’ve ever read. A must for every writer’s toolbox, IMO. I’ve also added some new links on the crime writer’s resource page and added menu items. More on all that later. For now, I’ll hold you in suspense.


This pic just never gets old.




25 thoughts on “Where I’ve been… and why.

    • Thanks, Kevin. Will do. He gets so many lately, but I’ll specifically designate one from you. I’ll see you on your blog tomorrow. Jumping back into my book to escape for a while. 🙂


  1. Aw, Sue, I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this. People who don’t have pets will probably never understand the role they play in our lives. Over the decades, I’ve said goodbye to way too many of them, and some, I still get choked up about losing. There are always one or two that are extra, extra special, though of course, we love them all. I’m thinking about you, and sending you all the positive energy I can. And a big virtual hug, too. Don’t forget to take care of yourself while you are dealing with all this stress. The blog can wait for now. You have more important things to deal with.

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    • Thank you, Marcia. I do tend to forget to take care of myself. My whole focus is on Gideon. But Bob’s been extra great lately so I can rest a bit in between emergencies/accidents/etc. We have all been here before, which is why I figured I’d share this with y’all. <your word. 🙂

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this, Sue. My heart aches for you; I’ve been there, myself. You’re absolutely right that family comes first. We’ll be here when you’re ready for us again. In the meantime, thoughts and well wishes to all of you…

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