MARRED Excerpt – Sue Coletta

It’s excerpt week on The Write Stuff! Come read. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite author. If you’d like to contribute email Marcia with your excerpt and she’ll post it for you. Since I’m a contributor I posted an excerpt from MARRED… Enjoy!

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1:30 P.M.

I used to believe people were inherently good, if only at their core. I saw the brokenness of the homeless. The, if only he caught a break. . . I respected the overachiever in the football star, hoping for Daddy’s approval even though he knew he’d never get it. I saw the heart of the sinner. The souls of lovers. The shattered dreams of an abandoned child. I saw good in evil. Spirit in the unholy. The complexities of love, marriage, life. Hell, I welcomed the challenge. I had hopes and dreams and affirmations. I did.

And then, that all changed. My views shattered. Or maybe, my eyes finally opened.

That’s what Niko would say. Though now, devastation also fills his eyes. He no longer looks at me as his optimistic wife who loves life. I miss our blissful marriage. I miss our baby. I miss…

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10 thoughts on “MARRED Excerpt – Sue Coletta

  1. Oh, Sue, I really like this! Now I want to know what happened! It sounds as though there is some very good material there! I’m especially impressed with the way you place the reader ‘in the scene’ – I could really ‘see’ the setting.

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    • Thank you, Margot! That’s probably the best comment ever! I just recently rewrote the opening and hoped it worked. Even with running it by my CP you just never know how others will respond. You’ve made my day!

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