My Stamp of Approval (part 2)

One of the most amazing things I’ve noticed about the writing community is the way authors support one another. Of course like anything else I believe you get out of it what you put in. If you’re nasty to others you’ll get nasty right back– and you should!

With the authors I am about to introduce to you, you’ll find no nasty here. These are kind, caring, nice people who also happen to have talent galore. Their success hasn’t made them unapproachable. Quite the opposite in fact. These authors are the type of people you can see yourself having lunch with. The type who are always willing to encourage, help, or lend an ear. The type of people young writers aspire to be.

All of these authors I blog with on Prose & Cons. Allow me to repeat myself for a second here… I take my name (brand) very seriously and would never recommend a book to you unless it interests me as well.

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Drum roll please…

First up, Author Arthur Kerns. Arthur Kerns is a retired FBI special agent and past president of the Arizona chapter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO). His award-winning short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies. In March 2013 Diversion Books, Inc. published his espionage thriller, The Riviera Contract and in May 2014 the sequel, The African Contract.

You might remember an incredible story I posted a while back from Art. It’s called A Stranger Reads My Book. If you haven’t read it, click on the title. It’s one of my favorite posts on Prose & Cons. Not only will you love this short story, you’ll wish it happened to you!

Art’s latest book is called The African Contract.



In the savannahs of Namibia, a boxcar sits, locked and watched. There is no limit to how many people would die from what’s inside. There is no limit to how many people would kill for it.

Hayden Stone is brought back into the CIA to help navigate the choppy diplomatic waters between the U.S., Canada, England, South Africa, and any number of other players in a mission to prevent the worst of weapons from falling into the wrong hands. While representatives from other countries are there to help him, Hayden knows the only person he can trust is himself, and that once the weapon is located, all bets are off.

His mission will take him into palatial mansions and parched-earth slums, into the shadowy world of black ops and the chaos of an endless war. It will lead him directly into the crosshairs—but whose finger is on the trigger?

To purchase The African Contract go here.  To browse other books by Arthur Kerns and/or purchase The Riviera Contract go here.


Next up, for all you poetry fans out there Author Susan Clayton-Goldner has exactly what you desire– a new collection of poetry.

Before I announce her new book, let me tell you a little about Susan…  Susan doesn’t only write poetry. No, no, no. She’s a multi-talented author who writes in many genres. Susan’s novels have been finalists for The Hemingway Award, the Heeken Foundation Fellowship, the Writers Foundation and the Publishing On-line Contest where she received a thousand dollar prize. Susan won the National Writers’ Association Novel Award twice for unpublished novels and her poetry was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Her latest collection of poetry is called A Question of Mortality.

9781930835139 copy



A Question of Mortality is a collection of poems exploring family relationships, their grief, losses, and regrets. These poems honor the dead, enlighten the living and dig deep into the dark mysteries of childhood. The collection includes a CD of the author reading the poems.


To purchase A Question of Mortality go here. Or to browse other books by Susan go here.  For all you mystery fans– Susan writes mysteries too!


Now for something completely different I am including a cookbook written by a dear friend of mine, Author Eliza Cross.

Before I show you the cookbook, let me tell you about Eliza…  Eliza Cross is the author of six books, including the bestselling 101 Things To Do With Bacon (Gibbs Smith). Her articles have appeared in Sunset, Parents, Mountain Living, Western Art & Architecture and Mother Earth Living. She blogs about simplicity, sustainability, good food, organic gardening and personal finance at and is the founder of the bacon enthusiast society BENSA. Eliza lives in Centennial, Colorado with her family.

Introducing The Quinoa Quookbook.




Savor the flavor of quinoa with 100 quintessential recipes featuring breakfasts, breads, appetizers, soups, salads, dinners, sides and desserts—plus helpful cooking tips and organic quinoa sources. Experience quinoa’s versatility and appealing flavor, and discover why it’s called the “super food.”

Quinoa is often featured in vegan, dietetic and gluten-free recipes, but The Quinoa Quookbook makes a strong case for pairing nutty quinoa with a wide variety of delicious ingredients, from crispy bacon and tender crab to fresh raspberries and sweet chocolate.

100 easy-to-follow recipes include Banana Maple Quinoa Pancakes, Quinoa Corn Hush Puppies, Cheesy Quinoa, Ham and Artichoke Bites, Quinoa Crab Cakes, Bacon Quinoa, Quinoa Pork “Fried Rice,” BBQ Chicken Quinoa and Corn, Crunchy Thai Quinoa Salad with Peanut Ginger Dressing, Quinoa Garlic Polenta Fries, Raspberry Quinoa Streusel Bars and Peanut Butter Toffee Quinoa Cookies.

Tell me those dishes don’t sound delicious.  To purchase the Quinoa Quookbook go here. I own this cookbook– and love it!!!  To browse other books by Eliza Cross go here.  And by the way, Eliza has a new romance novel coming out soon.  I’ll update you when it’s available for purchase.

Well there you have it. As promised, three amazing authors, three amazing books. Is your to-read list getting too big to manage yet?  Stay tuned for my next post in this series.

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