Yes, I know what a moose looks like!

There seems to be some confusion on whether or not I know a moose from a deer.  I assure you, I do.  I realize the quality of my cellphone photos are not great, but some of you guys are really ruining my moment here.

To clear the air, I will give myself, and those of you who question my ability to distinguish the two animals, a refresher lesson.

This is a moose.


This is a young calf, like the one I saw yesterday morning.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Do you see that nose?  Those ears?  That goofy look on his face?  It all spells MOOSE.

Now, stay with me.  Here’s where it may get a little tricky.

This is a deer.

A young deer. deer

Tell me, does that look like a moose to you???  Look at that pointy nose.  The curved, pointy ears.  The spots on its back.  And I know, all deer don’t have spots, only the babies, but we are talking about a young animal.  A calf, so it’s relevant.

Here is my photo again. IMG_20140630_051411_216 Granted, it’s far away.  But the body is a moose, not a deer.  The muscles alone in his body were amazing!  She could have swallowed that baby deer and still had room in her body.

IMG_20140630_051430_873 Here she is after I tried to zero in on her face Closeup1 Way too small, but you can see the head shape and nose shape, if you look real close.  Sorry, I cropped it so much I couldn’t get it any bigger, even with PicMonkey.

In my post, I described the long, tall, furry black ears = moose.  The peanut-shell shaped nose. Rounded not pointy = moose.  The long blackish tail hanging straight down = moose.

I don’t understand where the confusion lies.

If I showed you this…

Newfoundland_dog_Smoky And told you I saw a black bear, I’d have to agree that I have a warped view of nature.  Before any of you question my previous post now.  This is a black bear.  I do know the difference.


Now, back to my moose.

Do you really think I could mistake the face at the top of this page for the face of a deer?

Again, I realize my photos aren’t great, but I did watch this animal for at least five minutes, if not ten.  Plenty of time to distinguish the features.  And it was magical.  It was truly one of the most wonderful moments with nature I’ve ever had.  It saddens me that some people actually think I could confuse a deer with a moose.   Even dear friends of mine think I could confuse the two!  It baffles the mind.

That’s my two-cents.  I hope for those of you who wonder if I saw a moose, this clears things up.  Now, can I get back to basking in the afterglow of my sighting?

Note:  This post was meant to be funny.  I hope you all take it as such.  I would never intentionally insult or talk down to anyone, FYI.


8 thoughts on “Yes, I know what a moose looks like!

  1. I love that you posted a picture of a newfoundland to prove your point. I own a newfie and literally 99% of the comments we get from people we pass are “Oh my god look, it’s a BEAR”. Now, they’re only joking (usually…) but that made me smile. 🙂

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    • I love Newfoundland’s. They’re big and lovable! I have a gigantic Rottie who most confuse for a black bear too. He’s enormous and has longer hair that the average Rottie– a big love but very intimidating to strangers.


        • Ha! We’re down to two. We used to have eight dogs, believe it or not. Don’t ask me why. We had puppies and I couldn’t bear to give them up. Never again! Anyway, one of the three I did sell was named Zeus. Funny coincidence.


          • Blimey! Eight is a lot. We’ve got our hands full with three and the cat! Mind you, if my mother was left to her own devices I’m sure we’d have more. 😛 I think Zeus is a fab name for a big dog. We’ve also got a Star and a Magic (and Shadow the cat ;D)

            Liked by 1 person

            • Now we have Cascius and Gideon. We had Odin, Levaughn, Sydney, Austyn, and Lexi– my babies that passed– along with these two, who were the babies of the bunch. Quite a clan they were. I miss them terribly, but not the work that went along with it.


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