A Week From Hell

This past week was a nightmare.  My four-legged baby, Gideon– you met him in an earlier post, My Sweet Boys.  Sorry my link button broke, but you can find it this way: http://wp.me/p4nA7d-5J .  Anyway, Gideon started to get picky about what he ate.  He has an auto-immune disease, a protein deficiency disease, so we figured he was having a flare-up.  We bought all of his favorite foods…

polite squirrelGoog

Still, he wouldn’t eat much.  He’d just pick.  But we were hopeful that it would pass.

Denial State - Clean

He dropped weight– fast.  And couldn’t drink enough water.  Which scared us, but neither is that unusual with a protein deficiency disease.

We knew we were in trouble when he wouldn’t even take a cookie.

Over Easter weekend, minutes after the vet closed, Gideon’s body crashed.  He was shaky, his teeth chattered, he just wasn’t right.  Easter morning we awoke to a worse problem.  He had lost the use of his back legs.

Our baby was dying right before our eyes and there was nothing we could do about it.  Since we live in a rural area, there are no 24 hour emergency rooms for pets.  Our hands were tied.  We had to wait until Monday morning.

Walking down the stairs the next morning I had no idea what I’d find.


Fortunately, Gideon smiled at me when I entered the kitchen.

Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. sharp I called the vet.  She said we could bring him down right away.  On the 7-10 minute drive over I sobbed over my pal.  Hugged him, told him how much I loved him, promised him I’d make his pain go away and said my sad goodbyes.

The vet took one look at him– standing on his wobbly legs, emaciated from not eating– and said she’d take blood, and then we’d have to make “some hard decisions.”

Needless to say, while we waited for the blood work I cried harder and harder.  Slobbered all over my baby in the front yard, outside the vet’s office.

15-20 minutes later the vet called us back in.

I shuddered head-to-toe.  I didn’t want to go back inside!  I didn’t want to make a “hard decision”.

When we got into the exam room the vet had a happier expression on her face.

“Gideon has diabetes,” she said. “His blood sugar is 630.  Normal is around 180.”

Note:  There’s some controversy over whether she said normal was 180 or 100.  Bob thought she said 100.  I thought 180.  Since this is my story I’m going with my number, but don’t quote me.  If you suspect your dog has diabetes ask a professional.

“Could that affect his legs?”  I asked.


“Does that mean he’ll survive?  We can save his life?”

“Well,” she said somberly, “we can try.”

We can try?  I’ll take it!  

She gave Gideon a shot of insulin and sent us home with a few prescriptions and a follow-up appointment for two days later.  She had to lower his insulin slowly, not all at once.

That day, no change.  The next day… he seemed a little better.  He still wasn’t eating much but his eyes regained some of their spark.

On our return visit she raised the insulin again.

The next day we started to see a real change.  Our baby ate lunch!  He didn’t stuff himself.  But he ate. Again, we took it as a win.

We were over the moon that we didn’t have to say goodbye.  Now, we had hope.


We returned to the vet this past Friday and his blood sugar was at… *drum roll, please* 391.  Still high, but way better than 630.  His insulin got another boost.

I’m happy to report that today he’s ba-aack!  He’s eating, walking by himself, almost running, playing ball, and acting like a normal K9 kid.  (He doesn’t like the word “dog” so we try not to use that term)

GideonSmiling   Look at that smile. He’s so precious.

He’s a happy little boy again.

Other catastrophes happened during the week.  My One Drive got all screwed up.  And apparently, anything I downloaded over the last few weeks weren’t necessarily the latest version, or were corrupted.  What a nightmare!   I lost my internet for a while due to high winds.  That made me crazy because I couldn’t write.  Our cellphone payment got lost… somehow.  No one could tell me how.  And Cascius, Gideon’s older brother, acted like a maniac because of his jealousy toward his brother.

All of life’s little annoyances have now been fixed.  Gideon feels like a million bucks.  Cascius got several belly rubs and games of fetch.  And life is back to normal.  *sigh*

Now it’s time to catch up on all the work I didn’t get done during the week, including posting to my blog.  

Check!  Next.

We are penniless for the moment, Gideon has a mountain of medicine, but we are happy once more.  Isn’t it funny how life is smooth one minute, and the next, it can bang a massive U-turn and throw you completely off-kilter?  When a member of your family is suffering it reminds you of what’s really important.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive to achieve more, I believe nothing is out-of-reach.  But instead of swooning over your neighbor’s new car, or whatever, remember that life has so much more to offer.

Like publication!

I’m kidding.  Am I?  Yeah, I’m kidding…  I think.





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