Blogging 201, Day One: Branding & Growth

Why do I blog? 

I initially started my blog for exposure.  While researching literary agents I discovered how important a strong social media presence was, not just for non-fiction writers but for fiction writers too.  I was already on Twitter and Facebook, but that wasn’t enough.  Sure, I had followers, but I didn’t put much effort into it.



Once I started blogging an entire new world opened up for me.  I realized just how important a blog truly was, and it’s been a great avenue to learn from other bloggers in my field; share the knowledge I’ve learned and am still learning along the way; help others who may be struggling with fiction writing; and just be involved in the writing community on a new and exciting level.

Now, I can’t imagine not having my Murder Blog.

What are three goals for your blog?

– To increase my followers by 30% by July, 1, 2014

– To increase the number of comments left on my posts by my followers.

– To publish posts or interviews from respected authors/agents.



What would your dream blog look like? 

My dream blog would be a blog where I could share the journey from aspiring to published author.  It’s going to have to wait just a little longer.   *fingers crossed*  I’m still waiting to hear.

What are your goals for your blog?  What made you start blogging?


2 thoughts on “Blogging 201, Day One: Branding & Growth

  1. Hi Sue, so glad to find you through Blogging 201. You are absolutely right that your blog is the foundation of your author platform – it gives you a home base while you’re out and about socializing on Twitter and Facebook. Great goals – I’m helping out with your second right now 😉

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