The aftermath of Pitch Madness

Now that Pitch Madness is over and everyone on my team, including me, received at least one request– some got partials, some got fulls– it is waiting time. Which is the hardest time of all, in my opinion.

I was fortunate enough to get requests from three agents I wanted for A Strangled Rose. I sent two of them queries and got nice rejections back. But honestly, the MS wasn’t quite ready so they were right! The worst thing you can do is to edit, edit, edit, and not take a breather. That is what I did and it bit me in the (bleep). You must, as hard as it is, walk away for at least two weeks. When you come back to your MS you will look at your work with new eyes. Clearer eyes. Then edit again, and send it off to your beta readers and/or your critique group.

We all want to finish editing and rush the process, but if we do, we will get rejected. And rightfully so. With A Strangled Rose, I was so excited to get a full request. I didn’t realize that I didn’t have to send it within the hour. So, of course, I rushed through the final read through and pushed send. Big mistake! Eleven days later I received a very nice rejection stating my writing wasn’t as strong as the others she was considering. And she was right! I had no one to blame but myself. But that rejection was a turning point in my career. Never, never, never will I send another MS out until it is ready. Nor will I query until it is ready. Take my advice on this from someone who’s been there. Walk away.

Now for the awesome stuff.

Instead of rushing, I read through Timber Point twice. I made sure it flowed properly, had the right pacing, was grammatically correct, and no typos! So when I sent out the MS I felt confident. I won’t reveal how many requests I received. Let’s just say it’s more than two– wink, wink. Of course, if you were paying attention you’d know exactly how many I received.

During the excruciating wait time, I will be working on my synopsis and making it as strong as it can possibly be. I’ll also be thinking about its sequel. My goal for Timber Point is a series. The premise is so simple I have several different ways I can create the next harrowing experience for Shawny. And my mind is buzzing with so many ideas.

Which brings me to my next point. I don’t know if everyone experiences this or not. Once I finish my last edit, I know it’s done because the next book wants to burst out of me. Until that last run-through, though, the next book doesn’t enter my mind. That’s when I know I’ve completed the current WIP.

I wish everyone who took part in Pitch Madness good luck with their requests, especially Team Library 🙂 I hope to hear many success stories, even if I’m not one of them. For all of you who didn’t participate, I would recommend #PitMad on Twitter on the twenty-fifth of this month. It’s a great way to find an agent without cold-querying.

Have a wonderful weekend all! Till next time…


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