Ways to keep busy in March when you’re not writing

March is a very long month, but there are ways to keep busy if you’re not writing. March kicks off Maple Syrup time. Drill your holes in your maple trees, bang those taps and hang your buckets. The sap drips and fills each bucket daily, so you must be diligent and empty them or you’ll end up with sap EVERYWHERE! That’s not fun. Then weekly you boil down your sap until you reach 230 degrees, and viola– maple syrup!

Be careful not to tap your neighbors trees! We are dealing with this problem now. My husband, Bob, has started this new hobby along with one– out of our only two neighbors on the mountain–  named “other Bob”, and one neighbor down below, Keith. There’s a long-standing feud between the “other Bob” and Keith. For two people who are so alike I’ve never seen such hatred between near neighbors before. Keith has a problem of tapping trees beyond his property line. His line goes partially up the mountain and borders our property and “other Bob’s” property. He mistakenly (allegedly) tapped one of “other Bob’s” trees and all hell broke loose. My Bob, being the peacemaker, stepped in the middle and stopped “other Bob” from calling the police. The police! For tapping a tree!

Thankfully, I’m tucked inside in my world, Timber Point.

Ice fishing for Bob was a huge success! He put everyone to shame, catching the biggest fish on every outing. Beginners luck everyone said, but we know it’s skill– wink, wink.

The second thing March is known for is pruning your fruit trees. You have a small window– which, BTW, is closing fast! There’s not much to that except you must know which branches are the suckers and which are the laterals. The suckers are the ones that must go. It’s easy to spot a sucker. These are the branches that grow straight up in the air. They make your fruit trees so high that even the most cunning bear has a hard time reaching the top. Now fisher cats or other small predators won’t have too much of a problem, but you are not growing fruit to fill their little bellies, are you?

If your trees are totally out of control they may not bear fruit this year. However, fruit twenty feet up in the air won’t help you anyway so you might as well get it done and pig out next year 🙂

And let’s not forget about playing with your furry friends/children. I have two Rotties named Gideon and Cascius. I had eight– yes, eight! Once I figure out how to post photos I will post their beautiful faces and tell you more about them.

Happy writing, maple syrup-ing, and/or pruning!


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