7 Ways Authors Can Organize Their Pre-Writing

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

papercips-and-rubberbands-699246-m I’d bet all authors love that feeling of having a new, viable idea they can develop into a novel. I DEFINITELY do. It’s one of the most exciting experiences attached to the writing process, on a par with writing that final word of a first draft.

What writers do between having that brain wave (with the subsequent shouts of joy and air pumps of rejoicing) and actually starting to write depends on the author. We all write somewhat differently, with some us writing VERY differently than others.

As long as your process works for you, it’s a valid process and you shouldn’t feel the need to defend it to anyone or feel inferior to writers who do things the opposite way. I have always and will always say that.

Still, whether you want to do a lot of pre-writing or you are more of a “just write, write, write, and…

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