“I almost let him die,” or a reflection on why our character whisper to us

I know what you mean. I miss my characters when I shut down my computer. My husband will hear me laughing while I’m writing and he say, “What’s so funny?” and I answer with “Oh, it’s Shawny (character) She is such a hot ticket.”

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

whisper-2-166472-m Authors: have you ever woken up with, say, a line of epic dialogue or something similar in your head? And you know it relates to characters you are writing about and working with? You can hear the tone, and you know vaguely what’s it about, and even though you don’t have all the answers, you know you need to work that in?

That one line might even change the course of a novel or series. Create new subplots. Force you to evolve your characters to make them more human. At least, that’s what happening in my case!

“I almost let him die.”

I woke up with that line of dialogue floating around my brain last year sometime. And I knew who was admitting it, and to whom. I knew how devastated he felt, and how that echoed in his voice. I knew exactly who was this guy he almost let…

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